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Mafia - Out for Blood bracelet.



Out For Blood Bracelet by That's Pretty
$25 USD
Immediate Shipping
Unmistakably morbid yet spellbindingly alluring, this realistic blood bracelet is terrifying yet unforgettable.
Intelligently fashioned from solid brass, this blood bracelet is coated with thick glossy enamel to give the authentic droplet finish.

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'Bad Son' Taka Ishii Gallery 1998

Eleanor Roosevelt's pistol licence



"It was Eleanor’s determination to drive her own car that led to her pistol ownership. The Secret Service begged her to take an agent, a police escort, or at least a chauffeur; she refused. The pistol was a compromise"

Eleanor Roosevelt was born 129 years ago today.

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Rudolf Nureyev in House & Garden, 1992






Jamaican men and women assume poses taken from 17th and 18th Century British portraiture, the juxtaposition between the sitter and art historical references reflects on the relationship between the island and her former colonial power. Wiley is restaging this history, transforming the race and gender of the traditional art-historical hero to reflect the contemporary urban environment. In this new body of work, lavish patterning by William Morris surround, overlay and entwine the figures.

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