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Sterling silver LOVE ring

Golden Loubs at Marlon Gobel

Roberto Cavalli / Claw Ring

PUMA x Hussein Chayalan Fall 2011

Bear Staple Remover by Jac Zagoory

Aoi Kotsuhiroi Floating Caress Ring

Skull Sushi

Let's Fuck Lollipop



George Stubbs, Third Anatomical Table from 'The Anatomy of the Horse'



First published in 1766 the original drawings are now housed at the Royal Academy.

Loved by Annoushka Giltsoff and 16 othersMaryJohnofKings, Iris, edyta, Allison Bo, ninacentola, tan, Juju, drzoidy, Sofia Leitão, Marcello, SoGreenstreet, kasey orban, FAE, Violet Blaak, Ana Maria Nora Tannus, clairecliche
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Eddie Borgo, S/S 11 inlaid piece Ring

Teeth Cup



Andrea Galvani