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Vintage wicker child's travel basket

Acne boots

Sun Conure (Aratinga solstitialis)



The epithet 'solstitialis' in the sun conure's scientific name is derived from the Latin for 'of the summer solstice'. These vibrantly coloured parakeets have vibrant personalities too: they are clever, loud and lively, so only buy one if you can give it buttloads of love and attention.

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Human Project Poster | Mike Mills



My Breath On Window Poster

in Mills words:

"It was cold outside. I was staring out the window, just spacing out when I was surprised to see the shape of my breath on the glass. I was trying to imagine my drawings as photography..... As soon as I realized it was my breath it started to go away and it disappeared very quickly......"

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White Number 2 Flamingo Tile by Rory Dobner

Proenza Schouler store