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Jean-Luc is in fashion PR, obsessed with defending emerging designers.

v!tor ss13 pink heart polo

13 Loves

perfect 4 valentine's day & perfect 4 #anotherlovespink, 2 get from the only just launched v!tor online shop …

Loved by Jean-Luc and 12 othersDaniella Negromonte, RIeCHvARaDSn, marionette, Oliveoil Sittisaksomporn, Jorjia Gillis, Divion, perokeys, Icuntunderstand, ivoire, thegapofmadonna, luisaxV!TOR, moDelstalking
Find this product at v-tor.myshopify.com

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Pink Elephant

david bowie's 1st album since 2003

p-town #3 limited edition t-shirt

11 Loves

collectable limited edition t-shirt in collaboration with miguel flor … only 100 of them, sold as a special edition pack with the issue #3 (caparica) of fanzine p-town …

Loved by Jean-Luc and 10 othersLuke Spice, Daniella Negromonte, epougy, SIMPLYM3, Vincent Reverte, Roxanne Bauwens, Ben Keegan, autumnwinter, JPVKrew, waynewaynewayne
Find this product at joaopedrovale.com

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maison martin margiela limited edition chinese aids t-shirt

6 Loves

for the 3rd time in another (AnOther ?) language than english after japanese in 2010 then french in 2011, the yearly limited edition maison martin margiela charity aids tee now comes in chinese …
launching today on december 1st for the world aids day and exclusively available in all maison martin margiela stores + the e-boutique …

“there is more action to be done to fight aids than to wear this t-shirt but it's a good start”
so start now & shop today !

Loved by Jean-Luc and 5 othersviola arisci, Romy Finbow, Laura Bradley, aysesensoy, autumnwinter
Find this product at eboutique.maisonmartinmargiela.com

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iris apfel for dazed & confused

41 Loves

the iconic 91 year old iris apfel, star of the dazed & confused november issue & gracing the cover photographed by jeff bark & styled by robbie spencer in comme des garçons aw1213 …

Loved by Jean-Luc and 40 othersNell Kalonji, Nobuko Tannawa, Carolee, Carol G., An Muller, maja, Vanessa Romeu, ChaLa, serra, LianaKesenci, Patsy, aarolilypod, maggie black, drzoidy, dpskg, ela27, epougy, Laura Bradley, Dionne E, Marilyn Baker, analola, hearts MJ, lornabee, Tish Wrigley, Mlin Pek, iren zoe, Disiecta, Jorjia Gillis, aienlemence, clavin, cejenesaisquoi, kobblliizz, Icuntunderstand, terrieM, Burchett, Fernando Salvatori, Kanako, w0land, wjgm, d8agirl
Find this product at dazeddigital.com

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Cactus quartz (Spirit Quartz)

andrea crews ss13 kitten t-shirt

15 Loves

patrick biyik from the band 'twin twin' modelling @ the andrea crews paris fashion week presentation of the 'kitten hologram' ss13 collection …

Loved by Jean-Luc and 14 othersDaniella Negromonte, petrito, Daniel L., yamsha, JackieQ, Dionne E, Marilyn Baker, SIMPLYM3, Carolina Delgado, naama baror, jodie-leeyoung, Jorjia Gillis, cejenesaisquoi, DaneShinton
Find this product at andreacrews.com

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andrea crews crying bear t-shirt

12 Loves

part of the 'crying animals' t-shirt collection from andrea crews aw12 …
also available are the crying lion & the crying wolf …

Loved by Jean-Luc and 11 othersMandi Lennard, maggie black, Veronica Horsman, Marilyn Baker, trisalami, SIMPLYM3, Slavica, Carolina Delgado, aienlemence, kobblliizz, autumnwinter
Find this product at andreacrews.com

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