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Jean-Luc is in fashion PR, obsessed with defending emerging designers.

spastor for mango fashion awards



spastor aw1213 (1 of the 10 finalists of the 4th mango fashion awards) starring verónica blume photographed by daniel riera …

Loved by Jean-Luc and 19 othersDaniella Negromonte, blake, E.P.Cutler, sandra, ChaLa, Fe, aarolilypod, ece ateş, OdileJans, leewaxty, Patricia Gaye Tapp, Nadine-lacrosse, Sabine Koehnlein, melisgunkes, threefiftyfive, kobblliizz, Łukasz Zasłona, autumnwinter, Nênê Pires
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love by panos yiapanis

erosand by erotokritos ss12 sandals



u can either go plain or pick ur favourite 2 amongst 12 colours & create ur own pair of leather sandals hand-made in cyprus …

Loved by Jean-Luc and 20 othersmaja, ororo, ellamthenry, Irena, luca:f, aarolilypod, kasey orban, Lucygarside, ece ateş, Veronica Horsman, aysesensoy, Edita Mockevičiūte, hearts MJ, leewaxty, Nadine-lacrosse, afrikaiteve, aienlemence, threefiftyfive, autumnwinter, Becky White
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Comme des Garçons A/W12

neon pink shuella 'shoe umbrellas'



perfect 2 stop the weather from ruining ur expensive & favourite louboutins those stylish waterproof shoe protections r also available in black, bright yellow or apple green …

Loved by Jean-Luc and 20 othersmaja, sandra, JasminaA, shoegalmng, aarolilypod, viola arisci, Can Gunsiray, epougy, Milda Jurkštaitė Paškevičienė, trisalami, leewaxty, Oliveoil Sittisaksomporn, Sara Wółkiewicz, Annelys Caguana, Carolina Delgado, Candies Free, aienlemence, MaisiePandora, autumnwinter, Nênê Pires
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One Hundred Live and Die, by Bruce Nauman, 1984