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PERFORMA BENEFIT | Bid On Over 50 Artists Work



Performa - the leading organization dedicated to exploring the critical role of live performance art - is hosting their first benefit and online auction with Paddle8. Bid on over 50 Artists works including this TERENCE KOH self portrait, dancing in berlin cemetery, 2007.

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Life & Death



Francesco Clemente & Robert Creeley's LIFE & DEATH (THE BLACK PAINTINGS) from New York's Gagosian Gallery, 1993, is a first edition twenty-four page grouping of the artist Monographs.

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Caleçon Andréas | Yasmine Eslami Paris



As spring nears, I want the lightest, rosiest, Swiss cotton boxer shorts available - I LOVE Yasmine Eslami!

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Most Beautiful Swiss Book | 01 of 27



In anticipation of my trip to Basel, CH this weekend, I make a special note of the Nieves published title 'Empty Words' by Jurg Lehni / Alex Rich. This 24 page, first edition won (along with 26 other titles) the Most Beautiful Swiss Book competition for 2011 - namely due to the authors exploration of mechanized production.

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Jeremy Scott with his Jeremy Scott x Longchamp Tote



Today in Paris, post interview, I snapped an intimate moment of the multi-faceted designer riffling through his rainbow-colored, keyboard-printed bag. The pliage shaped tote is one of Scott's newest collaborations with the Longchamp brand.

Loved by Kristopher Arden Houser and 8 othersDaniella Negromonte, Tomohisa Degawa, ellamthenry, ece ateş, Foofieboutique, bedborg, lovely, Hepvintage
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Pauline Trigere | LOVES Red



How can you help but not LOVE this image, shot by Boman, of the then 91 years old Pauline Trigere - in her NYC apartment. Clearly the French fashion designer had a pension for the color of love.

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Conceptual artist ITEM IDEM, known to most for his blending of the art, fashion and design worlds, is launching his first collaborative product with Woodstock based Peter Mountain Works. Available this February at Colette and Opening Ceremony.

Loved by Kristopher Arden Houser and 6 othersAllison Bo, ece ateş, lovely, Noelia Terron-Laya, mirkopantaleoni, autumnwinter
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SCALPEL (Vol.2) | 1 of 650



SCALPEL (Vol.2), a fairly limited (650 units) magisterially/beautifully executed publication that showcases the work of 5 emerging talents within 9 different creative fields. PIN-UP's editor / creative director, Mr. Felix Burrichter, has therefore recommended 5 of his favorite retail designers, some usual suspects such as Leong Leong, Moment design, Christian Wassmann, Gary Card, & Item Idem (ITEM IDEM).

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