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“For the mulling mamas, bird lovers, word nerds and hearth huggers. As useful and as comforting as a worn in pair of work gloves, this is a site you can dig into. It is the anti-eye candy. It is my homepage. I go here to get my daily hues.”

The picture above is a Wind Map of the United States, found on goodlovingwoman.com.

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Lost in Living by Mary Trunk

"A Romance for the Wild Turkey" by Paul Zimmer

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"When I see them venture across a snow-blown field against a bitter January wind, a gang plodding behind its suzerain leader in all their staunchness and regalia, I think of future primitives - Mad Max meets Zulu Nation. This poem is for the unlikely ones and the underdogs, those who are seemingly earthbound but sleep in the treetops."

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Ten Undies

Seasoned Kindling

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"Stuff so dry you could light it on fire by looking at it. Once I was given a tub of it and next to 6 certain mix cds, it was the best gift I had ever received. It reminds me of a parable from when I was a little girl: a father gave his three daughters money and whoever came closest to filling up a room to its height and breadth, inherited his fortune. One girl bought feathers, one bought coins, and one bought a candle."

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Cassavetes, Gazzara and Falk on The Cavatt Show

Blackwing pencils

Ramble Tamble on WJFF

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For the last five years, I have had a standing date every Thursday night from 7:30pm to 9pm with the same man. He doesn't know I'm there, but my life wouldn't be the same without him. Starting Friday morning I look forward to Thursday night and that anticipation substitutes for happiness when I need it.

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Dan Estabrook, At Sea, 2009

The Rose-breasted Grosbeak

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"My favorite bird to look for come spring. He looks like he's been stabbed in the heart with blood trickling down his chest but he sings an awfully pretty tune."

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