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Illusion 'Siska' ring by Niza Huang

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Custom design now available as a collection piece.

Photographer / Ekaterina Bazhenova
Stylist / Sarah Michelle
Make up & Hair / TakuyaUchiyama
Model/ Ekaterina Pronina
Art work /Niza Huang

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Pauline de Rothschild's Blue Library

Amethyst Basin

Floating staircase

17th century engagement rings

black unicorn

A cave in Iceland

rue Saint-Honoré

Halloween Betty Grable

Edible flowers

Veruschka and friend

Sick of Goodby’s (1978) by Robert Frank

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We’re all in these photos. Paint dripping from a mirror like blood. I’m sick of goodbyes. And aren’t we all, but it’s nice to see it said. - Lou Reed

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