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Megaphone for iphone by Ene&is

Candy floss

Ralph Eugene Meatyard, Untitled (1959)

Cheap Water Colour Palette.

Carmen Dell'Orefice

SS12 Diesel collection

14 Loves

New design team headed up by Heikki Salonen introducing modernised silhouettes. All about premium basics, quality fabrics, improved finishes and better fit. Colour palette of black, white, grey with military green and indigo highlights.

Loved by Imogen Bergstein and 13 othersChaunielle Brown, Allison Bo, aarolilypod, Daniel L., kasey orban, Monike, epougy, alessandra.fanizzi, OdileJans, Melissa Gomes, commonJ, Yuka, autumnwinter
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Nude on Sand by Edward Weston, 1936

Donut by Boo Ritson

Ryan McGinley

24 Loves

From his first London show in years

November 24 - December 22, Alison Jacques Gallery
16-18 Berners Street, London W1T 3LN

Loved by Sofia and 23 othersMandi Lennard, miamoda, Alexandru Colt, Merrie, Yukko Cat, girlinthewoods, marionette, Monike, epougy, ece ateş, ras, OdileJans, lucy.anstey, Melissa Gomes, ReeceAdam, Francesca Cogoni, iren zoe, Dawn Dudek, adeleballer, YvonneS, OkieDokie, Ami Nakano, mirkopantaleoni
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Wilhelm Sasnal



Ultimate Tree House

112 Loves

Swedish architects Visiondivision designed this two storey retreat, which is currently growing on a school campus in Milan. Ten Japanese cherry trees will be bent and pruned into shape over the next hundred years, hence the name of the piece: 'The Patient Gardener'.

Loved by Zac Bayly and 111 othersLisa John, Daniella Negromonte, Richard Arthur, moonlake, Cristina Mazzocca, chloearauz, Alexandru Colt, An Muller, maja, Pmarincola, serra, Tamara, JasminaA, Anita, Dafne Lee, super_nork, Gem, reisna, Sílvia Sousa, Yukko Cat, Fe, samu, tamara muñoz dahm, VanShe, maggie black, drzoidy, Angelica, olena, Tasha, Harpijat, Nina Timothy, claudiaog, jessaphina, james_mayer, samanthaaxo, kasey orban, marionette, lilie.G., Monike, bigpat, MadeleineAyers, luce14, epougy, ece ateş, tahlia, BrodieRy, Medine, Veronica Horsman, Overdressed, ras, bettypage2000, aysesensoy, Foofieboutique, IrmaLaDouce, KRAMTSEW, eva92, Marilyn Baker, OdileJans, anastasyak, longlasheslynn, analola, lucy.anstey, dyannahvampira, Marianne Lopes, Esther Berry, Melissa Gomes, leewaxty, tashamam, katia hakko, Tish Wrigley, lolita, Shannon Shelly, iren zoe, CoGi, Carolina Delgado, Sara Almangour, ValentinaB, noby nobby, Laura Guerrero Rosado, Dimitra Sotirchos, Iulia Nicolaie, Jadi, Acko, Yezin Carrillo, Alex Verhaest, Lauren Ford, Anna Kent, Lana Elie, Mimi la chatte siam, Alisson Emerich, moetical, lanegret, Lize Marais, melikenur, iadoregon, MARLISE ISLER, Lorenza Riccio, Paola Elizondo, Cyprian De Coteau, Andrea M, Seher Yilmaz, Leena, Mari Nishimura, Cecile Freeman, Abby Moonshower, threefiftyfive, Valerie Hill, Tessa Antonis, autumnwinter, Nênê Pires, clairecliche
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