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Unearth Pyxis Cuff- Lapis



Carmen Dell'Orefice by Richard Avedon, 1946

Artwork by Magnus Gjoen, 2014



Donated to Thrive, an exhibition of tiger inspired art in aid of Save Wild Tigers, on show this week at the Sanderson Hotel.

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A house covered in Portuguese tiles

The 'Room of Fashions and Graces' Peterhof Palace, St Petersburg



In 1764 Jean-Baptiste Michel Vallin de la Mothe, using 368 female portraits painted by Pietro Rotari, covered the walls from top to bottom with canvases separated only by thin strips of gilded frame.

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The Girl with the Pearl Earring



A single pearl suspended on a gold ear bar by Danish jewellery designer Sophie Bille Brahe.

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Holy Hands by Charlotte Krieger


Bathroom envy

love for the coffee