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Monday Shades, Friday Vibes




Released this Friday by OHWOW as 2nd chapter of Daniel Arsham's Future Relic series, a 9-minute film tells the story of Camera – an archetypal camera cast from a mixture of plaster and broken glass. Contextualizing the "discovery” of this object, the film serves as a theatrical narrative, starring James Franco with wardrobe by Public School.

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A Marcel Marongiu Pool, Mexico

Cathedrals Beach, Spain

Sam Taylor-Johnson, 'Second Floor' (2014)



Sam Taylor-Johnson has produced ‘Second Floor’ (2014), a limited edition set of ten photographs taken at the private apartment of Mademoiselle Chanel, presented in a specially designed cloth-bound box. Edition of 50.

Loved by Kin Woo and 10 othersAn Muller, Carola Bruno, VintageAnarchist.com, Savaza, Jonathan Connelly, Cath Nonie Bouverat, MateaLoves, iggy taylor, Cristina Florea, ´Wulfrano
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The Beastie Boys