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Claudia Shiffer advertising Chanel

Madame de Pompadour

Max Kibardin x Chicks on Speed- E-Shoe



A high Heeled Shoe Guitar 2010

A wearable high heeled shoe guitars with sensory strings that produce amplified wireless sound

Loved by Tasha and 24 othersDiane Pernet, Fred Butler, Sophie McGinn, Mélanie Crété, Daniella Negromonte, Berni Martín, whynot, Dyann, ororo, Kiddo Von Gore, ninacentola, Sascha, girlinthewoods, ellenwithjelly, RCXY, Shikha Yadav, alessandra.fanizzi, A L-B, Plastic Seconds, Tânia Torres, honigkeks, Herb Greenwood, autumnwinter, clairecliche
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Chanel acoustic guitar and quilted case

Chanel cuff