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Givenchy A/W07 Couture

Iris Van Herpen

Authentic Wood by Le Corbusier at Cassina



Called Authentic Wood, the series is part of the Cassina I Maestri collection and draws on furniture Le Corbusier created specifically for his architecture projects, including his own holiday home, the Cabanon, and his iconic Unité d’Habitation housing project in Marseille.

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Acne Delirious silk dress


Christopher Kane Resort




With my mind firmly planted on all things Doo.Ri - I offer THE THINGS Issue 12 which is a collaboration with the designer. The issue is a custom made T-shirt made of sheer fabric with a 3-foot long tag that hangs down the back of the shirt listing every possible fabric, manufacturing location, and washing instruction ever listed on a shirt.

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Mouse slippers by Marc by Marc Jacobs