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The 'Room of Fashions and Graces' Peterhof Palace, St Petersburg

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In 1764 Jean-Baptiste Michel Vallin de la Mothe, using 368 female portraits painted by Pietro Rotari, covered the walls from top to bottom with canvases separated only by thin strips of gilded frame.

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Gauzy Lace Socks

Clubkids of New York by Alexis Di Biasio

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Drexel Institute’s girls' rifle team, circa 1925.

Street Style Bhutan Style

Michaël Borremans' 'The Angel'

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Painting for which model Hannelore Knuts posed.
300 x 200 cm
Oil on canvas
Courtesy Zeno X Gallery Antwerp
© Photographer Dirk Pauwels

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Lady Amanda Harlech and Dominic Jones unveil a 13-piece jewellery collection that draws its inspirations from nature, history — and the shadowy side of humankind.

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Harlot & Bones

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Jewellery Collaboration by Amanda Harlech & Dominic Jones

photo. Gareth Powell

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Gosha Rubchinskiy for Camper AW14

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Introducing Russian designer and visual artist Gosha Rubchinskiy for the the latest CAMPER TOGETHER collaboration, following in the footsteps of Bernhard Willhelm, Romain Kremer and Veronique Branquinho.

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Sunset on Mars