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Los Angeles, Portrait of a City

Ana Elisa Egreja paintings

KLAUS bike.

Dioni for Vogue Italia

Abici Granturismo Donna Side LRG

27 Loves

The GranTurismo is the classic Italian city bike, seen all over the streets of Parma, Ferrera, and Milan. Light, sporty, and pure. Available in an array of colors.

Loved by Mae Delaney-Reid and 26 othersLuke Spice, Alistair Allan, Sofia, Agata Belcen, Danielle Waldman, Lovefoxxx, Steve Salter, Erica, Ally, jaimek, EMILIA SUFLET, Stuart White, jessalynnewoo, kannakettle, ButterflyM, Aninha Pellegrini, Anna Mackay, mmm, AdamRymer, serra, yasmin, Maixut Alvarez, Diviana, georginahelen, Georgie Edmonds, cecilialeite
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Yves Saint Laurent travel adaptor!

27 Loves

For all the fashionistas followers of the hairdryer, I-phone, computer, Yves Saint Laurent launches the international adapter which allows to connect his favourite device on any socket in the world. Naturally this accessory is sold in its leather cover.

Loved by Sofia and 26 othersNancy Waters, Mae Delaney-Reid, Agata Belcen, Kin Woo, Lucy Maria, Mélanie Crété, miamoda, M. Àngels Jover, BeeBee, neilyalimohamadi, jaimek, Bluish, Carolee, Lexidiny/Miranda, meggg, stauri, Carol G., mmm, Siobhan, charlotte maddison, Dori K., Ags, _elisaaa, loewenherzlionheart, leewaxty, lovely

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Louis Vuitton AW10/11

Sparkling 1955 Red Royal Quiet DeLuxe Portable Manual Typewriter

Les Ateliers Ruby - Pavillon Colette 8 Helmet

15 Loves

After revisiting classic helmets aesthetics, Les Ateliers Ruby by Jérôme Coste have a new project titled "Costume". Customize your very own helmet among 4000 combinations,find out about 9 projects around the famous blue "colette".

Loved by Sofia and 14 othersNancy Waters, David St John James, Agata Belcen, Gnarlitude Jen, Daniella Negromonte, jaimek, Bluish, mmm, Rebecca Smeyne, dun, Arnissa Smith, Blaise, carmen90210, mold

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Sallya (Crenis) pechueli - Male

A Season in Hell By Arthur Rimbaud, Patti Smith, Robert Mapplethorpe

26 Loves

Arthur Rimbaud’s legendary prose poem with illustration of Rimbaud by Patti Smith as well a selection of photographs by Robert Mapplethorpe. Designed in the same manor as Rimabud’s 1873 self published edition.

Loved by Nancy Waters and 25 othersSofia, Nobuko Tannawa, Danielle Waldman, Anna Dyulgerova, Gnarlitude Jen, Jackie Linton, Dan Thawley, Mélanie Crété, Lucyann, Lisa John, jaimek, Gemma Eloise, mmm, Silentstoryteller, MadamaDrusilla, vitaviolenta, Christina, Angela Leslie, Blaise, Harper379, eric esquire, Cecilia Dossan, autumnwinter, clairecliche, La Cendre
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