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Liberace's piano shaped pool

Iridescent clouds above Bangalore

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A shimmering, iridescent sky above Bangalore, India. As the cumulonimbus cloud at bottom began to rapidly grow a golden pileus cloud took shape. The iridescent colors were clearly visible for about 10 minutes. In order for iridescence to occur cloud droplets in the vicinity of the Sun must, in general, have similar sizes and be randomly spaced. If the droplets are nearly identical in size the resulting colors are particularly pure.

Photo and explanation by Raqqasah Shruti Chakravarti.

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Piano Stairs

Cacti Garden

Chinese Families with All Their Stuff By Huang Qingjun

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For the last 10 years, Huang has been traveling around China’s rural communities and capturing pictures of families with their household possessions carefully arranged outdoors, usually in front of their houses. With this project, Huang seeks to portray the lives of people living in remote rural areas, far from big cities where wealth is the most important social factor.

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Shades of Autumn by Oleg Oprisco

A new nova in southern skies

A Pudú

An indoor/outdoor hot tub

Collage by William S. Burroughs

A Glass House built from salvaged windows

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Mafia - Out for Blood bracelet.

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Out For Blood Bracelet by That's Pretty
$25 USD
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Unmistakably morbid yet spellbindingly alluring, this realistic blood bracelet is terrifying yet unforgettable.
Intelligently fashioned from solid brass, this blood bracelet is coated with thick glossy enamel to give the authentic droplet finish.

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Amedeo Animal Cameo

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Since the 1850’s, the family of Amedeo Scognamiglio has been creating cameos in the Italian town of Torre del Greco. These techniques have been reinterpreted using materials such as Black Lava, Diamonds and various shells to portray this classic iconography.

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