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super/collider is a London-based collective which explores science and ecology through the creative industries.

AAU (Acoustic Amplification Unit) MK II, 2015

7 Loves

by Tom Sachs

Plywood and mixed media
25.5 H x 22 W x 10.5 D inches
S/N: 2015.101

Loved by super/collider and 6 othersMandi Lennard, An Muller, Paula Harrowing, Michael Grammatopoulos, parasmo, astrothesaie
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First selfie in space, 12 November 1966

Frozen Bubbles in Vermillion Lakes in Banff National Park, Canada

Jewels of the ocean

15 Loves

Pacific atolls photographed from space by Italian astronaut Sam Cristoforetti

Loved by super/collider and 14 othersPaula Robles, blake, Marta Represa, An Muller, Sonakshi, aarolilypod, Dionne E, Tish Wrigley, Cath Nonie Bouverat, Raby's in the detail, Hanna Scoccia, Marikit, Janey Li, parasmo
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Eight Ceramic cactus

wings+horns x ByBorre Space Suit

15 Loves

Comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko

Magnified Grass

White Cliffs, Pamukkale, Turkey

Patch of Sky

Voyager Golden Record

9 Loves

A recording of earth sounds sent into deep space in 1977 aboard the twin Voyager probes – contains instructions for use, details about earth, greetings in 59 languages and music ranging from classical to Chuck Berry.

Loved by super/collider and 8 othersaarolilypod, maggie black, yasmine, Sarah.Franz, Laura Allsop, Isabelle Gill, tz-n, Gabi Levy
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Hasselblad 500 'HEDC' NASA

21 Loves

An Austrian auction house claims this is the only camera that was used on the moon then brought back to earth. Auction is 21-22 March, current bid is €80,000.

Loved by super/collider and 20 othersblake, Marta Represa, An Muller, marcus, ccny, Raven Smith, micky, jessaphina, yamsha, epougy, Tish Wrigley, Yezin Carrillo, Jorjia Gillis, Sarah.Franz, Ellie Grace Cumming, Karine Casali, Cath Nonie Bouverat, Mechanic, Justin von der Fehr, clairecliche
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