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super/collider is a London-based collective which explores science and ecology through the creative industries.

The Hubble Space Telescope



Launched 25 years ago today, the Hubble Space Telescope forever changed the way we see the universe.

For those of us who came of age after its launch four months into the 90s, it's hard to imagine a time before we before we could peer deep into the heart of glowing gas clouds, trace the lightyears across structures like the famous Pillars of Creation and gaze back to nearly the beginning of time.

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Newly discovered Kermit look-alike

Palmeral Wallpaper by House of Hackney

AAU (Acoustic Amplification Unit) MK II, 2015



by Tom Sachs

Plywood and mixed media
25.5 H x 22 W x 10.5 D inches
S/N: 2015.101

Loved by super/collider and 6 othersMandi Lennard, An Muller, Paula Harrowing, Michael Grammatopoulos, parasmo, astrothesaie
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First selfie in space, 12 November 1966

Frozen Bubbles in Vermillion Lakes in Banff National Park, Canada

Jewels of the ocean



Pacific atolls photographed from space by Italian astronaut Sam Cristoforetti

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Eight Ceramic cactus

wings+horns x ByBorre Space Suit



Comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko

Magnified Grass